Map & Plan

Getting to Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, we take pride in helping you get to your destination. Connecting to the City of Jacksonville is easy with service by plane, train and bus. Jacksonville welcomes you to take advantage of the local Jacksonville Transit to get around the City during your stay. We respect the environment and your need for eclectic forms of transportation. Jacksonville has a growing network of trails and greenways for pedestrians and cyclists.

By Plane

Albert J Ellis Airport (OAJ) connects the major hubs of Charlotte and Atlanta making your travel easy and convenient. The airport is a short ride to the City limits. Taxi service and Car rentals are available at Albert J Ellis for traveler convenience. Contact Albert J Ellis Airport at 910-324-1100.

By Train

Amtrak offers train to bus connection from Wilson, NC into Jacksonville. Plan your train ride to Wilson, NC and take the connector bus to downtown Jacksonville. The Amtrak connector bus stops at the Freedom Fountain and City Hall, and is walking distance to Lejeune Memorial Gardens. This drop off point is also a Jacksonville Transit stop, providing bus service to popular destinations throughout the City and military bases. Call 800-USA-RAIL to get more information.

By Bus

Traveling by bus? Greyhound has a hub just off Marine Boulevard on Onslow Drive within walking distance of hotels and restaurants. Just across the street is a Jacksonville Transit stop to help you get around the City. Contact Greyhound at 800-231-2222.

Getting Around the City

By Bus

Need a Lift? Ride with us during your stay. Jacksonville Transit can take you there with stops around the City and to military bases. The City’s transit system is affordable and provides visitors access to area recreation and parks, memorials, downtown riverfront, shopping, dining, hotels, hospital, educational institutions and much more. Did you bring your bicycle? Our buses are equipped to bridge the gap for bicyclists, offering racks on buses at no additional charge. Call 910-938-RIDE (7433) to get more information about Jacksonville Transit.

By Car

Jacksonville’s efficient and growing Interstate highway system offers drivers convenient access to the city. Roadways I-24 and I-17 connect Jacksonville to the surround coastline and neighboring Cities like Wilmington, New Bern, and Fayetteville. Jacksonville bypass helps motorists get from one end of the City to the other quickly, connecting routes 24 and 17 as well as providing access to popular areas of the City. View a map of Jacksonville and surrounding area.

By Bicycle or Foot

Jacksonville boasts more than 17 miles of trails and greenways that are free and open to the public. The City’s trails and greenways are a great way to bike or walk to your destination, visit our parks or connect to your City area destination. view or download a trails map. Jacksonville Transit has bike racks to help riders ‘bridge the gap’ between destinations.