Discover the natural beauty and wildlife of Jacksonville's blueways as you paddle along the New River

Jacksonville is a paradise for paddlers of all skill levels. With a variety of routes to choose from, our blueways offer something for everyone, whether you're looking for a relaxing afternoon paddle or a more challenging adventure. 

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Check out our Blueways Interactive Map and discover the right route for you.  

Downtown Blueways 

This route covers three city parks, namely Sturgeon City Park, Riverwalk Marina, and  New River Waterfront Park. Ideal for beginners with stops available every mile to rest or access amenities such as restrooms. The total length of the route is 1.6 miles. You can expect to complete it in about one hour.

New River Cityscape Blueway

Covering four city parks this blueway offers a chance to explore some interesting landmarks such as Wilson Bay Park and island, Goat Island, a sandbar made by Hurricane Florence, and Jacksonville's Historic Downtown. The total length of the route is 2.1 miles, which makes it an intermediate-level route. However, it can be broken down into sections as there are kayak launch/take-off sites along the way. 

City-to-Camp Blueway

This intermediate-level route starts from  Sturgeon City Park and ends at Montford Point Fishing Pier, covering a distance of 1.62 miles. Be aware that there are no stops available along the way and the current may be strong. You will get to see some impressive views of the New River, the NC 24 bypass bridge, and an incredible osprey nest! Please note that if you do not have on-base access, you will not be able to stop at Montford Point Fishing Pier.

Northeast Creek Blueway Loop 

This short but beautiful route is perfect for beginners starting at Northeast Creek Park. At only 1.6 miles long with calm waters, you can complete it in about an hour. On the route, keep an eye out for osprey nests and enjoy the distant view of the Lejeune Blvd Bridge.

Blue Creek Blueway

Explore the enchanting Blue Creek and its wildlife, including turtles, birds, and frogs, by following this 4.3-mile route. Starting at Jacksonville Landing, the route ends at  Oakhurst Nature Park, where you can take a walk on the trail or do some fishing. Other highlights of this route include an old shipwreck and the opportunity to enjoy tasty seafood at  Capt. Bob Beck’s Marina Café.

Phillips Park Phillips Park Blueway Loop 

Let the New River guide you on this 2-mile blueway that starts at  New River Waterfront Park and leads you to  Phillips Park. This route is great for beginners as the narrow river makes it an easy-to-follow path. Along the way, you'll enjoy stunning views of the downtown area of Jacksonville and the many bridges spanning the New River.

Goat Island Blueway Loop

This 2.6-mile route starts at  Riverwalk Marina and takes you to explore Goat Island where you can take a short walk if you wish. From there, follow the narrow path of Brinson Creek until you reach a mysterious and abandoned bridge, and then circle back to the New River. Be sure to keep an eye out for Hurricane Florence's sandbar when the tide is low.

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