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  1. Culture & History

    The strength and pride of our leaders and citizens has helped the City progress in a productive and positive way.

  2. Military Heritage

    Military heritage runs deep in our hearts and is shown through our ‘must see’ sites to see while you visit Jacksonville.

  3. Montford Point Marine Memorial

    The Montford Point Marine Memorial is dedicated to all Montford Point Marines and their legacy. A dedication ceremony was held on July 29, 2016 to officially open the Memorial to the public. It is located at Lejeune Memorial Gardens at Montford Landing Road in Jacksonville.

  4. Beirut Memorial

    The Beirut Memorial was a gift from the citizens of Onslow County to honor those men that lived among us and gave so much. A solemn tribute to 273 Marines who gave the last full measure of devotion in Lebanon and Grenada on October 23, 1983. The names of each man are engraved in granite along with the words “They Came In Peace.”

  5. Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    Located at Lejeune Memorial Gardens, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is the second largest such memorial in the country. A solemn experience for visitors, names of those who died during the Vietnam War are etched in glass surrounding a majestic fountain and dome. The entryway to the site includes a wall with flags and military medallions, and pedestrian bridge.

  6. Freedom Fountain

    The Freedom Fountain, located at the gateway to downtown Jacksonville, honors those who served and serve our country while passing through Onslow County.